Ad Astra 2018 - Contact List

July 13-15th, 2018

Ad Astra Committee List

Chair: James Brode

Departments (Alphabetical)

Ad Astra Response Corps (AARC): Zalmen Serebryanski
Anime/Video Room: Kent Wong
Art Show: Gerry Vail, Dave Garland
Audio Visual: Michael (Taz) Labadie, Andrew Byers
Charity Event: Doc Morgan and the TSS (Toronto Steampunk Society)
Dealers Room: Daniel Goodland
Entertainment: Michael (Taz) Labadie, Marcus Antaya
Gaming: Justin Mohareb
Guest Liaison: Neil Kilroy, Sanda Ignaciuk
Hospitality: Marco Marrocco, Pasi Paltanen
Hotel Liaison:  Amy De Ruyte
Info Desk: Jeff Goebel
Legal Counsel:  David Warren
Masquerade: Alex Kung
Program Book: Andrew Houston
Programming: Amy De Ruyte, Julie Dobson, Neil Kilroy
Promotions: Daniel Goodland, Julie Dobson, Amy De Ruyte, Jared Shaprio
Registration: Karl, Mary-Ellen (Emmy) & Chris McAlonen
Tastings: Cathy Orr, Dave Potter
Volunteers (Gophers): 
Web Team: Glen Hamel, Jeff Goebel, Daniel Goodland, Amy De Ruyte

Ad Astra Board

President: Paul Roberts
Vice-President: Carolyn VanHeerden
Treasurer: Marco Marrocco
Members: David Hurst,  Andrew Houston, Michael (Taz) Labadie

For general Inquiries:

Email Contact List

Please note these contact emails will not always be checked actively during the convention weekend. If you have questions, concerns or confusion while in attendance, find the eager people at the info desk who will try their best to tend to your needs.

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