Darci Cheyne

Second Skin

Are you able to sew, but haven’t mastered how to make something fit like a second skin?

darciThis introduction to commercial pattern manipulation and custom pattern drafting will get you over any fitting problems or fears on paper before you even cut out your fabric. Who likes stitch ripping?!?! Not me, I’m more of the measure twice, cut once costumer. This saves time and makes a killer block that you can base many patterns from.

In this 2 hour hands on workshop, we will take custom measurements and develop a perfect fitting pattern for a stretch knit body stocking. Those attending will take away a finished pattern that they can then make into a t-shirt, body suit, leggings etc, for those times you don’t want to airbrush your whole body! This class suits any gender, and the issues that arise working with stretch:

- how to get in and out of the costume?

- what can I do to my sewn bodysuit to make it better than anyone else’s and achieve the character I’m aiming for.

- what if your dream fabric has a different amount of stretch? And what fabric to use for what outcome.

- HELP I’m too short/ tall/ lopsided to fit a commercial pattern

… and how do I even go to the bathroom wearing this costume anyway?!

Plus you can pick the brain of an experienced costume builder with 15 years experience in film, television, Cirque du Soliel, theatre… and has taught at CAFTCAD and Sew Be It studio, just because she loves to give away free secrets to make you love costuming.

Darci Cheyne

After graduating from Creative Fashion Design in 1994, this in-demand designer has not stopped working. Her custom creations include drafting, constructing and fitting costumes, bridal gowns, corsets, bathing suits and leather garments. Darci spends the majority of her time working in film and television, creating costumes and dressing such celebrities as Tatiana Maslany, Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers, and many more. In her precious spare time she has even shared her skills with young girls, teaching them to design and sew their own clothing. A particularly proud moment in her career was creating high performance pieces for the legendary Cirque Du Soleil. Her hobbies are being in costume, be it contests, sca or steampunk


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