Entertainment and Notable Events – 2011

Opening Ceremonies (Friday 7 pm, Ballroom West)

2011 Chairs, Mary-Ellen McAlonen and Doug Ward, launch Ad Astra’s 30th Anniversary convention and introduce our attending Guests of Honour.  As a special greeting, members will be addressed by past Guests of Honour, the Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (1984), Julie Czerneda (2002) and Ed Greenwood (2006). Â 

Coin-Op Improv (Friday 9-11 pm)

This improv comedy show is a special fundraising event for The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. The improv is presented by the troupe Pandora’s Toybox, lead by actress Emily Schooley. Your donations will influence the performance. Come to share in the laughter and to help support a great cause.

Concert — Giasone Italiano (Saturday, 7 pm, Ballroom West)

NEW! Concert - Heather Dale (Saturday, 9 pm immediately following the Masquerade, Ballroom West)

Lost Myths (Saturday, 7 pm)

Join us for an interactive multimedia performance. Lost Myths can be described as “A playful medley of cryptomythological fiction, pantheons, bestiaries, comics, art, games, readings, performances, and more”.

 Â  Panelists: Rupert Bottenberg, Claude Lalumière

Tribute to Past Guests of Honour (Sunday, 4 pm)

Join us to honour the memories of former Ad Astra Guests of Honour who have passed away. We will be honouring Catherine de Camp Crook, George Alec Effinger, Frank Kelly Freas, Phyllis Gotlieb, James P. Hogan, L. Sprague de Camp, and Roger Zelazny. Share memories, stories, and readings. Â 

 Â  Panelists: Ed Greenwood, David G. Hartwell

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