Julie Czerneda (2002)

Since 1997, Julie E. Czerneda has turned her love and knowledge of biology into science fiction novels and short stories that have received international acclaim, multiple awards, and best-selling status. A popular speaker on scientific literacy and SF, as well as workshop facilitator, in 2009 Julie was Guest of Honour for the national conventions of Australia and New Zealand, where she ran a 3-day writing workshop, as well as Master of Ceremonies for Anticipation, the Montreal Worldcon. She’s been staying closer to home the last while, writing her first fantasy novel, A Turn of Light, to be published by DAW in 2011, and to co-edit Tesseracts 15: A Case of Quite Curious Tales with Susan MacGregor. (No matter what, she’ll be canoeing too.)  For more about Julie’s work, visit www.czerneda.com

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