Leah Bobet

Writing Diversity Well

We need diverse books!  (We do.)  Diversity in both adult SFF—and genre YA—is a big conversation, and representing yourself, others, and your characters well deserves the extra attention.
Join author Leah Bobet for a two-hour workshop about resources, tools, processes to use—and the questions to ask yourself—to write diverse characters well, and what a diverse book means—and doesn’t mean—when it comes time to sell your work.  This workshop is open to writers of any and all backgrounds, orientations, levels of physical ability or neurodiversity, or identifications.  Come prepared for a respectful, open environment where we’ll learn from each other.

Leah Bobet

Leah Bobet’s first novel, Above, was nominated for the 2012 Andre Norton Award and the 2013 Aurora Award, and her short fiction has appeared in several Year’s Best anthologies and as part of online serial Shadow Unit. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she edits Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, picks urban apple trees, does civic engagement activism, and works as a bookseller at Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada’s oldest science fiction bookstore. Leah’s second novel, An Inheritance of Ashes—a dustbowl-style epic fantasy with a touch of the weird—will appear from Clarion Books in the US and Scholastic in Canada in October 2015.



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