Mary MacVoy

 How to Get Your Make-up Masquerade Ready

A hands-on workshop with Mary MacVoy, exploring how make-up is an important part of your Costuming/Cosplay presentation.

Mary MacVoy

Johnny Joker_4x6Mary MacVoy is a versatile Artist, working in a variety of materials. She expresses her creative vision through such diverse techniques as professional make-up & face-painting, glass bead making, digital illustration & design, acrylic painting, caricature, cartooning, jewelry design, musical performance and costuming. Her work has been published in magazines, children’s books, table-top games, and on thousands of “living canvases”.   

You may view her work at: , or contact her through her facebook page: “Mary MacVoy Art & Illustration”.

Mary lives in London, Ontario, Canada and has been involved in the world of fandom for over 25 years.

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