Michael Matheson

Climbing out of the Slush Pile

This workshop is going to focus on a mixture of the publishing industry and short story/novel market practices. The discussion will be largely tailored to the submitted work of the attendees and discussion generated during the workshop to fit the group.

In your writing sample please feel free to outline one or two discussion points that you would like to bring up during the workshop.

Michael Matheson

Michael Matheson is a genderfluid writer, poet, reviewer, anthologist, and managing editor (CZP eBooks) with ChiZine Publications. Their fiction and poetry can be found in a handful of venues, including Ideomancer, Stone Telling, and an eclectic selection of anthologies. The Humanity of Monsters, a reprint anthology edited by Michael, will be out from ChiZine Publications in September 2015. You can find more at http://michaelmatheson.wordpress.com, or on Twitter @sekisetsu.

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