Volunteer at Ad Astra

At the con, or year round on the concom.

Volunteer at Ad Astra

Help at the con, or year-round on ComCon.

Ad Astra is an annual volunteer-run social gathering of friends we haven’t met yet. If you’d like to help be a part of the event, there are several ways you can help.

Weekend Volunteer or ConCom

There are almost always things to be done before and after the event that you might be able to assist with. We’re always looking for people to help pre-con with the loading and setup. If you’re looking to dedicate yourself a little more, why not consider becoming a member of the ConCom. You get to attend meetings throughout the year that help shape the convention. Plus, you get to wear on of the cool shirts.


One of the greatest ways to participate in the weekend activities is to attend in costumes from your favourite characters. Whether or not you chose to enter the official masquerade on Friday night, we still welcome and appreciate all the fantastic fans who choose and often create their costumes as they roam the Hotel posing for pictures and delighting our other attendees. It’s also fun to see the reactions of the muggles that might be in the Hotel for other reasons


Suggestion Box

Have a general idea you’d like to share? Let us know.

Open Positions

Volunteers and Gophers

We always need help onsite with set-up on Friday, Gophers and Security, and tear-down on Sunday night.  It’s a great opportunity for meeting the team, as well as badge discounts, crash space and other perks.

Note:  We are happy to sign-off for Volunteer hours, but please check with your school to be sure they accept this. 

Art Show Curator

The Art Show at Ad Astra has been one of our main events over the 35 year history of our convention with the past couple of years seeing the introduction of panels and workshops to the art show space and a reinvigoration of our art show and attendance.

We are looking for an energetic and organised arts-oriented person to continue our new direction in addition to bringing their new ideas to this valued part of our convention. The winning candidate will have a real passion for the arts relating to speculative fiction as well as being reasonably well organised.  Working in the arts field is a bonus but not required.


  • Ensure advertising/promotion of the Art Show is sufficient to draw artists to display and sell at Ad Astra
  • Arrange for and coordinate with Programming for art-based panels and/or workshops that will take within the Art Show space. This is where the Department Head’s creativity and imagination can really make a difference to the Art Show and the convention.
  • Organise the Art Show staff
  • Create and keep to a budget for the Art Show
  • Ensure sufficient space and panels are available for artist sales
  • Arrange the registration of artist for the Art Show and coordinate the registration of artists for the convention itself
  • Ensure that the online artist registration payment system meets the needs of the Art Show and of the Bookeeper.
  • Handle money in the form of a float, Art Show sales and artist payments coordinating with the Bookkeeper.
  • Coordinate with the AV Tech department for any technology or AV equipment needed for panelists
  • Coordinate with the Guest of Honour Liaison to ensure that there is space available for any Artist Guest of Honour to display their work
  • Attend ConCom meetings are held once per month in the metro Toronto area
  • It is highly desirable that the candidate have access to an automobile.


  • Please review the available panels from the "Links to Panels - open for selection" links below.  Then submit your selections from the Open panels in the Panel Choice fields on this page, using panel # or title. 
  • Timing of the panels will be scheduled around your availability, whenever possible.
  • If you wish to moderate a panel you have selected, please add an "M" or "Moderate" to the relevant Panel Choice field.
  • Open panels may have suggested Panelist names in the summary, but require your confirmation to participate - if you see your name and do wish to participate in that panel, please indicate it as a Panel Choice.
  • Closed panels cannot be selected, as panelists have already been finalized.

Links to Panels - open for selection:

Links to Panels - closed:





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