Ad Astra Important Announcement

Toronto’s Longest Running Fan Run Science Fiction and Literary Convention. Please see the Announcement below for details.


A Message from the Chair of Ad Astra

It is with regret that circumstances require that Ad Astra be pushed back another year. This is, of course, due to continued COVID-related closures and restrictions.

The Board and I are acutely aware that this will come as disappointment to our members, panelists, vendors, staff, and ConCom alike.
It is with deep gratitude that we recognize your stalwart support over these many years. It is our collective community for which Ad Astra exists - to share our love for speculative fiction in the literary arts.
Rest assured the we expect to and are planning for an eventual return to a safe and celebratory physical convention when circumstances allow.
In the meantime we are planning potential online events and will keep everyone updated as these considerations progress.
It is our hope that come 2022 Ad Astra and other unique-culture events be able to return and we can all once again greet each other and share all of those geeky wonderful things that we love.
Until we meet again, we hope the time until then passes swiftly in safety and good health.
James Bade
Ad Astra Chair
Ad Astra Board of Directors:
President: Paul Roberts
Vice-President: Michael Green
Secretary: Zalmen Serebryanski
David Hurst,
Andrew Houston,
Michael Labadie
Carolyn van Heerden


Ad Astra 2021 Pre-Registrations Are CLOSED


*Separate Paid events at Ad Astra are not included

The weekend features discussion panels and presentations on a variety of topics including writing, publishing, TV and movies, science and costuming, as well as events including book signings, a meet and greet with our Guests, writing workshops, our Masquerade costume competition, book launches, a Saturday night dance, live music, and The Tesla Tea Service, our charity event hosted by the Toronto Steampunk Society, and many more.


For those wondering about their hotel reservations for the now-postponed (and to be much missed) Ad AStra 2020, each individual will have to cancel their own reservation; the convention can not do that nor can the hotel do it in a block manner. Much as we all had to book separately, we also need to cancel separately. Be sure not to exceed the cancellation times provided by the hotel when you reserved.

If you have any trouble with that process, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Paul Roberts
For ConCom

Ad Astra 2020 Guests Of Honour

Heather Dale

Ellen Kushner

Peter Kenneth

Ad Astra 2020 Featured Guests

Robert J. Sawyer

Eric Choi

Ed Greenwood

Featured Events

Ellen Kushner Fantasy Author Guest of Honour

Astralogica: A Celebration of the Wizarding World

Heather Dale Live Concert


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