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Toronto’s Longest Running Fan Run Science Fiction and Literary Convention. Please see the Announcement below for details.


The Ad Astra Literary and Science Fiction Society Presents

Ad Astra:
Supportquest 2021

For 40 years Ad Astra has entertained, educated and supported fans and writers in Southern Ontario. But, as you all know, the last 16 months have been tough. The pandemic has certainly been hard on us all, but, like most group activities, we have not been able to  operate at all for two years now and as the convention is our only source of revenue, things are getting quite tight financially.


Ad Astra, like any convention, needs money to continue, if only to keep the lights on until we can meet again in person, and you can help. We have established a Patreon to allow you to support Ad Astra to whatever extent you can. Because we know the pandemic has been hard on all of our friends as well, we are grateful for anything you can spare, be it a regular donation or a one time contribution. All of our patrons will be acknowledged on our website, of course, but as we grow our fundraising efforts, we will also offer more tiers of patronage with exciting additional benefits.


In addition, we are planning an online fundraising event that will allow fans to interact with some of Ad Astra’s guests and hopefully show your support for the convention. We will roll out more details on this exciting event over the next few days.


Please visit our Facebook page for further details and, if you wish to support Ad Astra, please visit our patreon page!



Visit Our Patreon Page


For those wondering about their hotel reservations for the now-postponed (and to be much missed) Ad AStra 2020, each individual will have to cancel their own reservation; the convention can not do that nor can the hotel do it in a block manner. Much as we all had to book separately, we also need to cancel separately. Be sure not to exceed the cancellation times provided by the hotel when you reserved.

If you have any trouble with that process, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Paul Roberts
For ConCom

Ad Astra 2020 Guests Of Honour

Heather Dale

Ellen Kushner

Peter Kenneth

Ad Astra 2020 Featured Guests

Robert J. Sawyer

Eric Choi

Ed Greenwood

Featured Events

Ellen Kushner Fantasy Author Guest of Honour

Astralogica: A Celebration of the Wizarding World

Heather Dale Live Concert


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