Panel Changes from Printed Schedule or Program Book

FromPrinted DatePrinted TimePrinted RoomPanelistsPanel TitleRevised DateRevised TimeRevised RoomRevised Title
IND-24Saturday1:00 PMRichmond ADianna Gunn (m), Jane Ann McLachlan, L.E. Sterling, Graham J. DarlingBuilding Fantasy Religions2:00 PM
FAN-31Sunday11:00 AMOakridgesGraham J. DarlingHistorical & Practical Alchemy: More Than Just Lead Into GoldSaturday1:00 PMAuroraAurora
READ-10Saturday3:00 PMMarkham AGraham J. DarlingReading: Graham J. DarlingFriday9:00 PM
COS-8Sunday12:00 PMMarkham AJ M Landels (m), Erik BuchananHow does a sword actually work? A hands on panel with swordsWriting the
Fight Scene
READ-2Saturday4:00 PMAuroraJody Lynn NyeReading: Jody Lynn NyeMarkham A
READ-26Saturday5:00 PMMarkham ASarah WaterRavenReading: Sarah WaterRavenMarkham B
READ-13Saturday5:30 AMMarkham AJames Alan GardnerReading: James Alan GardnerMarkham B
FAN-3Friday9:00 PMRichmond ACathy Hird (m), Maria V. Snyder, Rebecca DiemDiverse Worlds in FantasySaturday1:00 PMRichmond A


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