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Friday6:00 PMRichmond CDMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Bill Fawcett, Maria V. Snyder, Sylvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Timothy Zahn2018 Opening CeremoniesMeet this year's Guests of Honour and learn about the fun things planned this weekend. Hosted by the Ad Astra Chair and assorted ConCom
Sunday10:00 AMRichmond AMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Eric Choi, Bill Fawcett, Ed Greenwood, Lesley Livingston, Sylvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Robert J. Sawyer, Maria V. Snyder, Timothy ZahnGuest of Honour BrunchJoin our guests for Sunday brunch - each GOH and Past GOH will host a table, and each attendee will be eligible for prizes from our sponsors, including GoH publishers!
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond BAd Astra Board - Karl McAlonen (m)Ad Astra Annual General MeetingMeet the Ad Astra Board, and help shape future conventions. On the Agenda, Financial Review and election of open board positions
Sunday4:00 PMRichmond BMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Bill Fawcett, Maria V. Snyder, Silvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Timothy Zahn2018 Closing Ceremonies and Feedback PanelTo close this year's convention, please join us to discuss what works and what doesn't work. Who do you want to see attend next year? And what topics/panels should we include? As a con run totally on volunteer man-power, we are always seeking new bodies to organize the con during the year. Join us to help make your ideas reality.
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