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Friday6:00 PMRichmond CDMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Bill Fawcett, Maria V. Snyder, Sylvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Timothy Zahn2018 Opening CeremoniesMeet this year's Guests of Honour and learn about the fun things planned this weekend. Hosted by the Ad Astra Chair and assorted ConCom
Friday7:00 PMAuroraGraham J. DarlingNature & History of Witchcraft
Friday7:00 PMMarkham BErik Buchanan (m), Jane Ann McLachlan, Arlene F. Marks, Janet Kellough, James Alan Gardner, Allan Weiss, Amanda SunGetting to DoneHaving trouble finishing your writing? Join our panel of writers discussing the various pitfalls of writing, from writers block to scheduling to "where did my plot go wrong?" an they tools they use to take their projects from "in progress" to done.
Friday7:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonMaking a Little Money Designing GamesYou're a designer padawan. You have a LOT of cool ideas. Now what? How does one take their intellectual property from concept to prototype, prototype to manufacture & manufacture to distribution?
Friday7:00 PMOakridgesDoc Morgan (m), Chris WarillowIntroduction to Making PropsThink of all the gadgets, accessories, and just plain awesome things that you see your favourite characters carrying. Have you ever thought that you might want to make some of those things for yourself? Come to our panel for an introduction on getting started in making your own props.
Friday7:00 PMRichmond ADavid Clink, Jody Lynn Nye, Matthew Bin, Kari Maaren, Eric Choi, Ian KeelingReading TipsThe do's and dont's of reading your work to an audience.
Friday7:00 PMRichmond CDAmy De Ruyte (m), Timothy Zahn, Melissa Small, Mz Hyde, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - the Ladies of ZahnArihnda Pryce and Mara Jade
Friday7:30 PMMarkham AA.A. JankiewiczReading: A.A. Jankiewicz
Friday7:30 PMMarkham BDouglas SmithReading: Douglas Smith
Friday8:00 PM1073Bill Fawcett, Maria V. Snyder, Sylvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Timothy ZahnWalking Taco - GoH Meet and GreetGoH are cordially invited to drop in for our famous walking tacos, and a casual hello to attendees
Friday8:00 PMAuroraChris Warillow (m)Weapons in SFWeapons in the world of SciFi have fantastic properties and ingenious designs, such as the Star Fleet Phaser, the Klingon Bat'leth, the Star War Light Saber and Logan's Run Sandman pistol. How are these weapons used, in combat or as part of the story? Are they possible in our world?
Friday8:00 PMMarkham AKari MaarenReading: Kari Maaren
Friday8:00 PMMarkham BCameron S. CurrieReading: Cameron S. Currie
Friday8:00 PMNewmarketThomas Gofton (m), Bill FawcettWorking with Licensed Board Game Properties & Why They Aren't Always What You'd ExpectWorking with a licencor can be really difficult when everyone & the publisher gets a say in how to make a game. Learn how to make a great game despite the challenges of working with large studios, corporate leaders and big time publishers.
Friday8:00 PMOakridgesMz Hyde (m), Derwin MakCosplay on a shoe string budgetTricks and cheap ways of building Cosplay on a Budget. Learn new ideas and new techniques to building on a low budget.
Friday8:00 PMRichmond ASarah WaterRaven (m),JF Garrard, Justus R Stone, Jen Frankel, MJ MooresPublishing Your NovelExplore the various publishing avenues for today's writers. From traditional publishing methods to indie publishers and self-publishing. Learn about the pros and cons of each and find out what publishing method could be right for you.
Friday8:00 PMRichmond BLuke Maynard (m), Stephanie Bardy, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Arlene F. Marks, Amanda Sun, Mike Rimar, Brad HornerThe Mines and Foundries of the Imagination: "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?"It's the burning question of all creative people, the one that occupies endless hours of guest-of-honour Q&As, the one that every author who sees a work to completion will hear a thousand times: "Where do you get your ideas?"
This panel will do away with the cute non-answers, the evasive winks, and the honest truth that the execution, not the idea, is what matters most. This journey into the foundries of the imagination will present practical tools and strategies for brainstorming ideas in a "blank-page"vacuum, for transforming everyday life into the seeds of a story, and for being inspired by the works of others without plagiarizing or infringing on their content.
Friday8:30 PMMarkham ARebecca DiemReading: Rebecca Diem
Friday8:30 PMMarkham BAllan WeissReading: Allan Weiss
Friday8:30 PMMarkham BIra NaymanReading: Ira Nayman
Friday9:00 PMAuroraJeff Beeler(m), David Clink, A.A. Jankiewicz, Rebecca DiemGame of Thrones - how will it end?The final season just wrapped up filming, but how will this tale end? Now that the series is ahead of the books, let's all guess together on the GRRM journey into Westros
Friday9:00 PMMarkham BMJ Moores (m), J M Landels, Erik Buchanan, Matthew Bin, James Alan Gardner, Marilyn KleiberStyle vs EditingWhat's the difference and how to remain true to your voice without sacrificing craft
Friday9:00 PMNewmarketRach Shelkey (m), Moira Scott, Justin MoharebA Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying GamesRoleplaying games are undergoing a renaissance in fandom. With countless live streams and actual play podcasts, it's impossible to not feel inspired to jump into the RPG community and start gaming yourself. Not sure where to start? Unsure what books and dice you should buy? How do you find your first adventuring party? Our panelists will help guide your first steps into this vibrant creative community.
Friday9:00 PMOakridgesLarry HancockIs it time to sell your Collectibles?Is it true that "He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins?" or when is the right time to sell your collectibles?
Friday9:00 PMParking LotPatrick McDonaldAstronomy in the Parking Lot - FridayNight Sky Astronomy, weather permitting. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars should be readily visible.
Friday9:00 PMRichmond AJames Bambury, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant42 Inane Questions with Jim and AdamGo figure, the title delivers what it promises. Join Jim and Adam as they banter back and forth asking each other utterly inane fandom questions like "who would win in a wrestling match between the T-800 and a Cylon" and the answers usually have some sort of comic zinger. The answer to that one being something like, "Depends on the Cylon. if Arnie asks Leobin for his pants, boots, and jacket then the Terminator is going to win on slash fic points alone."
Saturday12:00 AMOakridgesChris Warillow (m), Mz Hyde, Alex KungPrepping for the Masquerade
Saturday10:30 AMMarkham ACosti GurguReading: Costi Gurgu
Saturday10:30 AMMarkham BArlene F. MarksReading: Arlene Marks
Saturday11:00 AMAuroraPaul Roberts (m), Eric Choi, Gillian Clinton, Neil Jamieson-WilliamsMars? The Moon? which first?There is a lot of back and forth between those who favour lunar exploration and those who favour Martian visits. This is an open discussion on the merits (or not) of each destination. Bring your opinions and an open mind and we'll kick it around for an hour.
Saturday11:00 AMNewmarketBill Fawcett, Thomas GoftonGame Design Group SessionDiscuss the mechanics of a board game and design one to reflect the principles
Saturday11:00 AMOakridgesDoc Morgan (m), Syndi Berman3D Printing for Prop Makers3D printers are all the rage these days and can make the most amazing props and gadgets. Come and learn about what these new devices can, and can't, do for you. The panel will include a working 3D printer and will leave plenty of time for your questions.
Saturday11:00 AMRichmond ACosti Gurgu (m), Derwin Mak, Cathy HirdWTF (Where's the Food?)When people eat, they do it not only for the physical benefits but for a sense of relief and happiness they get from consuming something that tastes good. They also consume food in social situations. Food brings people together in times of celebration and sadness. Food promotes a sense of community, whether it is between friends or people of the same heritage.
Could we write genre fiction about food as art, as cultural aspect and as a social tool? We always talk about food as a necessity, what to eat when in an adventure, or how to feed an army, or a population in an increasingly poorer land. But, how about Chefs and their life of creating the most exciting and tasty recipes? Can this still happen in humanity's future or in an alien civilization? How about food as a show of social status, or social bonding, or ethnic identity?
Saturday11:00 AMRichmond BRebecca Diem (m), Jody Lynn Nye, Maria V. Snyder, Kari MaarenLeading LadiesAuthors share their favourite leading ladies of sci fi and fantasy, and share their tips on what it takes to write compelling, complex female characters.
Saturday11:00 AMRichmond CDMelissa Small (m), Timothy Zahn, Amy De Ruyte, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - Thrawn novel and Rebels
Saturday11:30 AMMarkham AL.E. SterlingReading: L.E. Sterling
Saturday12:00 PMMarkham ACarolyn Clink, David ClinkPoetry Round RobinCalling our poets - Join Carolyn and David in a round robin poetry circle, where anyone can read come and read their poems.
Saturday12:00 PMMarkham BWendy GambleIntroduction to MedSci MissionsAuthor readings, Free book raffle, and discussion. Discover and debate a new universe of intrigue with topics such as: Do you want to be operated on by a robot? Would you go on a ship with a Quantum Displacement Drive to help save Earth? Are banks of cloned organs for surgery a near-future option? How real should martial arts in a novel be? Should we allow hidden wires or have black belts write or consult? Are you tired of female characters having super strength or can a lead woman be strong with intelligence and charm?
Saturday12:00 PMNewmarketRach Shelkey (m), Luke Maynard, Justin MoharebRoleplaying Beyond D&DCrowdfunding, digital distribution, and independent publishing have resulted in an explosion of roleplaying games. Never before have gamers had access to so many systems and adventures. With such an overwhelming array of options, it's easy to miss great games in the sea of content. Looking to find something new to light your imagination on fire? Check out the suggestions from our panelists!
Saturday12:00 PMParking LotPatrick McDonaldAstronomy in the Parking Lot - SolarSaturday Solar observing, weather permitting. Solar observing will display the Sun's chromosphere, including sunspots and any prominences that may be appearing at the time of observation.
Saturday12:00 PMRichmond AJody Lynn Nye, Bill FawcettFor Beginning Writers - Jody and BillHow to make the most of conventions, awards, signings and non-internet promotions
Saturday12:00 PMRichmond BPaul Roberts (m), Jeff Beeler, Eric Choi, Gillian Clinton The Expanse, The Orville, DiscoveryCompare and contrast the themes and elements of the three premier, space-based, SF TV shows. This is not about which is best or worst or which hews closest to cannon, but a discussion on how each show approaches space-faring civilisation and whether or not they compliment each other for fannish viewers.
Saturday12:00 PMRichmond CDVanessa Ricci-Thode (m), Jane Ann McLachlan, Rebecca Diem, Sylvain Neuvel, Neil Jamieson-Williams, Brad HornerIs Kindness Overrated?Despite popular media portrayals, when crisis strikes, humans are more likely to come together and support each other than loot and riot. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rose tells Finn "This is how we win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love." In a market dominated by snarky anti-heroes and grimdark, is this a sign of shifting values?
Saturday1:00 PMMarkham ADerwin MakReading: Derwin Mak
Saturday1:00 PMMarkham BJanet Kellough (m), L.E. Sterling, Allan Weiss, Arlene F. Marks, James Alan Gardner, Sylvain NeuvelCross that genre when you come to itShould writers genre-label their works before they start writing, or should they write their story and think about its genre afterwards?
Saturday1:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonDesigning Cooperative vs Competitive GamesJoin Lynnvander, the cooperative guys and see how they've made a mark in the cooperative game design field. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Quest and more... All co-op all the time because a party that stays together...dies together.
Saturday1:00 PMOakridgesGraham J. DarlingHistorical & Practical Alchemy: More Than Just Lead Into Gold
Saturday1:00 PMRichmond ACathy Hird (m), Maria V. Snyder, Rebecca DiemDiverse Worlds in FantasyWhere once medieval Europe was the goto location for fantasy stories, more and more are set in Africa and Asia, drawing on the rich culture and history of these places. This panel will discuss the best diverse fantasy from recent years
Saturday1:00 PMRichmond BJeff Beeler(m), Robert J. Sawyer, Eric Choi, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant, James Bambury, David Clink 2001 a Space Odyssey at 50
Saturday1:00 PMRichmond CDTimothy ZahnGoH - Timothy Zahn
Saturday2:00 PMAuroraJames Bambury (m), David Clink, Douglas Smith Marvel Movies - To Infinity and Beyond
Saturday2:00 PMMarkham ALesley LivingstonReading: Lesley Livingston
Saturday2:00 PMMarkham BJM LandelsReading: JM Landels
Saturday2:00 PMNewmarketGeoffrey Hart, Wendy Gamble, MJ MooresAlien ArtefactsThe moderator brings in various everyday objects, nominally found in the ruins of an alien civilization, and panelists try to explain the purpose of the artefacts. Think "Motel of the mysteries"!
Saturday2:00 PMOakridgesJF Garrard, Sarah WaterRavenPodcasting for Absolutely EveryoneWe thought YouTube videos would rule the Internet once they got established, but just as video never really killed the radio star, podcasts continue -- and grow -- in popularity. From the runaway success of "Serial" to "Mission Log," it's an easy and accessible way to talk, endlessly, about what you love and build an audience. We'll look at the technical aspects of setting up your studio space on a budget, hosting, and building content and subscribers.
Saturday2:00 PMRichmond ADianna Gunn (m), Jane Ann McLachlan, L.E. Sterling, Graham J. Darling, Amanda SunBuilding Fantasy Religions
Saturday2:00 PMRichmond BMike Rimar (m), Jody Lynn Nye, Bill Fawcett, Eric Choi, Derwin Mak, MJ MooresAnthology. The Gathering.There is a resurgence in anthologies. How do editors decide what stories go into an anthology and what doesn't.
Saturday2:00 PMRichmond CDSylvain NeuvelGoH - Sylvain Neuvel
Saturday2:30 PMMarkham BMJ MooresReading: MJ Moores
Saturday3:00 PMAuroraDavid Stephenson (m) , Graham J. Darling, Geoffrey HartPreparing for Climate ChangeThe world's countries are on course to fail to fulfil the modest targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions set by the Paris accord. Global temperatures are rising and will continue to do so. The panel will discuss how to prepare for rising seas, longer droughts, more violent storms and hence unreliable food supplies.
Saturday3:00 PMMarkham AGraham J. DarlingReading: Graham J. Darling
Saturday3:00 PMMarkham BArlene F. MarksCreating the Illusion of RealityAn author's most important task in telling a story is to convince the reader to suspend disbelief and accept that the characters, plot, and settings of the story could be part of the real world. In this writing workshop, led by multi-published author Arlene F. Marks, participants will learn strategies for creating the illusion of reality in every aspect of a narrative, from the largest setting to the most minor character.
Saturday3:00 PMNewmarketJen Frankel (m), James Bambury, Cameron S. Currie, Cathy Hird, Kari Maaren, Douglas Smith The Timey-Wimey stuffWe all travel in time, just in the most boring possible way (forward, one day at a time). But science fiction stories about time travel have delved into a multitude of methods, theories, and unpredictable results. What makes a time travel story so satisfying -- and so complicated -- to tell? What are the latest fictional concepts for how time travel might be possible? What's the difference between multiple timelines and multiple dimensions? And what are your own favourite stories?
Saturday3:00 PMOakridgesIra Nayman (m), Moira Scott, David ClinkPutting the Cult Back in CultureOn the fringes of mainstream culture are the films that didn't achieve commercial success, but have a small, devoted following. Films like Repo Man. Kentucky Fried Movie. Buckaroo Bonzai. In this panel, we will try to explain what makes for an enduring cult film, and why the pleasure we get from them should not be considered guilty.
Saturday3:00 PMRichmond AJF Garrard(m), Maria V. Snyder, Derwin Mak, Ian KeelingDiversity ObstaclesOver the last few years, many publishers have stated they are interested in increasing diversity in books. However, change has been slow in coming. This panel is a discussion on why this is so and what readers/writers can do to facilitate changes with an inclusion mindset.
Saturday3:00 PMRichmond CDRobert J. SawyerReturning GoH - Robert J. Sawyer
Saturday3:30 PMMarkham AEric ChoiReading: Eric Choi
Saturday3:00 PMRichmond BJM Landels(m), Bill Fawcett, Erik Buchanan, Stephanie Bedwell-GrimeWriting about FightingJoin panelists for tips on writing effective fight scenes. Learn what to include, what to avoid, how to make them fit your story and dispel some myths and fallacies about fighting. Battles may break out among panelists.
Saturday4:00 PMAuroraCathy Hird (m), Jody Lynn Nye, James Alan Gardner, Brad HornerSciFi Technology ConventionsWhile each SciFi author invents some technology that they need for their world and their story, there are some conventions that are common. We can trace the invention of the ainsible and using crystals for power, for example, but they are so common that they seem real. On the other hand, there are many different ideas for FTL travel. This panel will discuss favorite (and least favorite) technological inventions and why some become common and others remain idiosyncratic.
Saturday4:00 PMNewmarketJanet Kellough (m), J M Landels, Marilyn KleiberBuilding a she-world
Saturday4:00 PMRichmond CDMaria V SnyderGOH - Maria V Snyder
Saturday5:00 PMAuroraDavid Stephenson (m)Exploiting Space in the 21st centurySpace X's planned BFR is intended to greatly reduce the cost of putting payload into space. The panel will discuss what could happen if the cost of putting stuff into orbit falls below $500 a Kg. Solar Power Satellites could become an economical source of electicity. Exploiting the asteroids and space hotels may be viable.
Saturday5:00 PMMarkham AJody Lynn NyeReading: Jody Lynn Nye
Saturday5:00 PMMarkham ASarah WaterRavenReading: Sarah WaterRaven
Saturday4:00 PMRichmond BJen Frankel (m), Beverly Bambury, Larry Hancock, Matthew Bin, Jane Ann McLachlan, Ian KeelingThe Business of WritingA talk about the importance of marketing and opportunities to earn money with writing from a business standpoint.
Saturday5:00 PMOakridgesMoira Scott (m), Karen Dales, Derwin Mak and Ira NaymanWhere do those awesome story lines come from?Everything old is new again - or is it? If Lord of the Rings, known for spawning a lot of similar fantasy novels and later films, is not the source of all modern Fantasy and Science Fiction, what is and where did it come from? This panel seeks to discuss the concept that the ancient mythology of Britain and Europe as well as true historical events were the originating stories of such works as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, many comics and anime.
Saturday5:00 PMRichmond AEric ChoiReturning GOH - Eric Choi
Saturday5:30 PMMarkham BJames Alan GardnerReading: James Alan Gardner
Saturday5:00 PMNewmarketJeff Beeler (m), Cameron S. CurrieAccessible SFHow can we make science fiction more interesting and accessible
Saturday6:00 PMNewmarketGeoffrey Hart (m), Sylvain Neuvel, Jane Ann McLachlanFirst contact communicationHumans are prone to amusing -- or serious -- communication problems. Imagine the problems with aliens in a first contact situation
Saturday6:00 PMAuroraAdam Shaftoe-Durrant (m), Beverly Bambury, Matthew Bin, L.E. Sterling, Neil Jamieson-WilliamsAlternatives to Capitalism in Science FictionRecent studies have suggested that a greater proportion of people under the age of 40 prefer socialism over capitalism. Meanwhile, income inequality has increased substantially, while Canada has seen a decline in real wages, after a long period of stagnation. Confidence in capitalism is fading. And if it's the goal of science fiction to examine possible futures, this makes science fiction that examines alternative economic systems to capitalism very important. Authors like Le Guin, Banks and Doctorow have all proposed non-capitalist economies in their fiction. How can we use science fiction as a tool to examine alternatives to capitalism?
Saturday7:00 PMAuroraJames Bambury (m), Adam Shaftoe-Durrant , Beverly BamburyWestworldOur panelists gather to talk about the transformation of Westworld from pop sci-fi in season one to mirror on social and cultural excess in season two. Has Westworld departed too far from its origins and become a slow burn iteration of Black Mirror?
Saturday7:00 PMMarkham BTonya LiburdReading: Tonya Liburd
Saturday7:00 PMNewmarketKaren Dales (m), Moira Scott, Stephanie BardyWhich Witch is Which?Movies, television and books have generally portrayed Witches as powerful women, often portrayed as beautiful and evil. But in reality Witches and Witchcraft are very different. Come and learn about this often misrepresented religion/practice to help alleviate misconceptions and misunderstanding.
Saturday6:00 PMOakridgesSarah WaterRaven, Amanda Sun, Jen Frankel, Justus R Stone, Thomas Gofton, Kit DavenWriting a SeriesWriting a series is no simple task. There is a world to build, characters to develop, and subplots to remember. So, how do authors do it? Join us in a discussion on series writing and get tips and tricks from guest authors on how they manage their works and build a series.
Saturday7:30 PMMarkham BIan KeelingReading: Ian Keeling
Saturday8:00 PMMarkham BGeoffrey HartReading: Geoffrey Hart
Saturday7:00 PMOakridgesSarah WaterRaven (m), Jen Frankel, JF Garrard, Justus R StoneDo Today's Writers Need a Gimmick?With the book market as saturated as it is, it's getting harder and harder for authors to reach readers. With internet personalities gaining popularity through social media and sites like youtube, do authors need a gimmick?
Saturday8:00 PMRichmond CDGraham J. Darling, Amanda Sun, A.A. JankiewiczEcology for World BuildingWorlds need to be populated from the ground up. How do you fill a new world with an ecology that fits the scene?
Saturday8:00 PMOakridgesErik Buchanan (m), Maria V. SnyderA History of ViolenceOn the battlefield or at home, human beings love to kill each other. Come learn about the tools they use to do it. From unarmed combat to clubs, knives, swords and guns, this panel looks at the variety of ways human do each other in and how you can use them in your writing.
Saturday9:00 PMNewmarketDavid Clink (m), Wendy GambleTREK vs TREK vs TREKAn examination of how the different Star Treks compare to each other. Which one is the real trek and gives us the promise of what Trekking promised us ? Roddenberry or Berman or Abrams or Discovery ?
Saturday9:00 PMParking LotPatrick McDonaldAstronomy in the Parking Lot - Saturday NightNight Sky Astronomy, weather permitting. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars should be readily visible.
Sunday10:00 AMRichmond AMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Eric Choi, Bill Fawcett, Ed Greenwood, Lesley Livingston, Sylvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Robert J. Sawyer, Maria V. Snyder, Timothy ZahnGuest of Honour BrunchJoin our guests for Sunday brunch - each GOH and Past GOH will host a table, and each attendee will be eligible for prizes from our sponsors, including GoH publishers!
Sunday11:00 AMAuroraDavid Stephenson (m)Coming Soon: The Flying Electric Robot TranspodA look at the rapidly advancing field of urban air mobility. Will the S.F. dream of flying robot vehicles be fulfilled? Commuters may soon look up to see drones filling Toronto's skies carrying freight and passengers.
Sunday11:00 AMMarkham BDoc Morgan (m), Leanne McDonaldMake Your Own Books (Hands-On)What is in a book? Learn to make your own and you can decide what will go inside. This workshop will show you examples of great books that you can make for yourself without fancy equipment, materials, or even glue. All materials for the project will be provided.
By the end of the workshop you will have your own first hand-made bound paper treasure to take away with you.
Sunday11:00 AMNewmarketThomas GoftonKicking KickstarterThe ups and downs, woes and excitement that is your full time career on Kickstarter and other Crowdfunding engines. Team Lynnvander has run dozens of Kickstarters for film, board games and more, some very successful and some scraping by the skin of their teeth. Backer beware!
Saturday9:00 PMAuroraErik Buchanan (m), Adam Shaftoe-Durrant , Cameron S. Currie, Ian KeelingWriting Through DarknessMental health issues affect our ability to work, enjoy life, and write. This panel will examine some of the strategies the writers have used to deal with their mental health issues, and how they manage to continue writing during the dark days.
Sunday12:00 PMAuroraDavid Stephenson (m), Graham J. DarlingThe Future of Additive Manufacturing3D printing has become additive manufacturing. The production of complex parts for air and space craft is being transformed. Houses and other buildings are being constructed by AM. The panel will discuss how AM may transform the economy of the future.
Sunday12:00 PMMarkham AJ M Landels (m)Writing the
Fight Scene
Sunday12:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonHow to Thrive as an Eclectic Entrepreneur!Team Lynnvander has much to say about surviving in all the industries! From film to board game cafes, designing games & being published in fiction... how do they manage it all? They'll tell you how and how you can begin your career as an eclectic entrepreneur!
Sunday11:00 AMRichmond BJane Ann McLachlanWriting Dialogue & ThoughtsLearn to write internal thoughts & sizzling dialogue that will build
suspense, reveal character, and keep your readers riveted to your story.
Sunday12:00 PMParking LotPatrick McDonaldAstronomy in the Parking Lot - SolarSunday Solar observing, weather permitting. Solar observing will display the Sun's chromosphere, including sunspots and any prominences that may be appearing at the time of observation.
Sunday12:00 PMRichmond BMaria V SnyderReading: Maria V Snyder
Sunday12:00 PMRichmond CDSean Howard(m), Michael Mongiardi, Carter Siddal, Lee Smart Make it Funny or Else! Improv podcast pros share it allPodcasting is exploding. And there are a growing number of shows that use improvisation as their backbone. Hello from the Magic Tavern and Mission to Zyxx are two great and well regarded examples. The GTA is home to a number of acclaimed improvisers with successful and lauded shows that use improvisation. Hear about the ins and outs of using improvisation techniques, how people got started and some of the unique challenges of using improvisation in a podcast format. Our panel includes: Season X of Illusionoid is a weekly improvised comedy podcast radio-play of other-worldly influence (sci-fi meets fantasy) and is created and played by some truly amazing Second City alumni. That’s How I Remember It follows four Toronto improv-comedians as they re-tell your favourite movies to the best of their memories. Their memories are terrible. The End of Time and Other Bothers is a show in the vein of The Adventure Zone and Mission to Zyxx that uses improvisation, actual play and audio design to weave a fantasy comedy tale of demons, fairy cakes and bazookas.
Sunday12:00 PMOakridgesCosti Gurgu (m), A.A. Jankiewicz, Arlene F. Marks, Jane Ann McLachlan, Jeff Beeler,vCameron S. CurrieAlien worlds - how much is too much?Building an alien civilization/culture without the human context is something that has been used only in building an alien life, not entire civilizations. Can we do it? How far can we go? How much is too much? What can we do to still keep the reader's interest in the alien civ without making them human-like? Can we tell a story in an alien world without human characters?
Sunday1:00 PMNewmarketVanessa Ricci-Thode, Luke Maynard, A.A. JankiewiczRare Middle-EarthA deep dive into Tolkien's work. While Tolkien has left a major mark on modern fantasy, there are so many elements from his writing that are rare and unusual today. Join this panel Middle-Earth fans as they examine what makes Tolkien unique and leaves generations of fans with such deep feelings.
Sunday1:00 PMOakridgesPaul Roberts (m), Eric Choi, Gillian Clinton, Geoffrey HartCommercial Space ExploitationScience fiction is replete with stories about mining asteroids, the moon or the planets, of building lasting colonies and societies off-world.
But, how does this all start? What is there, today or in the near future, that could kickstart off-world industries and get humanity working and living in space permanently?
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond AMelissa Small (m), Timothy Zahn, Amy De Ruyte, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - Thrawn, Villain or misunderstood Blueberry?Legends to Canon, and why we all love him
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond BBill Fawcett, Ed Greenwood, Jody Lynn NyeHistory of Role Playing GamingOnstage - Together, Bill, Ed and Jody
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond CDLesley LivingstonReturning GOH - Lesley Livingston
Sunday2:00 PMAuroraGillian Clinton (m), Bill FawcettAlien MegastructuresLet's talk about very large artificial objects constructed on a planetary, orbital or stellar scale. What's possible and what's been used in SF?
Sunday2:00 PMAuroraRobert J. SawyerReading: Robert J. Sawyer
Sunday2:00 PMMarkham AJacky LauRobot Workshop
& Soccer Tournament
Sunday2:00 PMNewmarketKaren Dales (m), Stephanie BardyPaganism and the PWRThere is a HUGE cross over between the Pagan communities and the Geek communities. Factor in the reality that in many fantasy movies, television and books, pagans and witches are often written in fantastic and unrealistic ways. Come and learn the reality of Paganism as a diverse religion(s) whose practices are protected within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how the Pagans will be represented at the Parliament of World Religions this fall in Toronto.
Sunday2:00 PMOakridgesPatrick McDonald (m), Stephanie BardyFandom and Mental HealthWriters and fans who have experienced mental health issues can discuss their experiences in a safe space on Sunday afternoon. How we get through it, and how SciFi fits into our coping are topics for discussion.
A lot of people with these issues have found such an event comforting,in my experience.
Sunday2:00 PMOakridgesIra Nayman (m), Moira Scott, James Bambury, David StephensonThe Wonders of Studio GhibliPrincess Mononoke. Spirited Away. Howl's Moving Castle. Kiki's Delivery Service. The animated feature films of Studio Ghibli have a different sensibility than those of the west. And they're gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to talk about that for an hour?
Sunday2:00 PMRichmond CDEd GreenwoodReturning GOH - Ed Greenwood
Sunday2:30 PMAuroraSylvain NeuvelReading: Sylvain Neuvel
Sunday3:00 PMOakridgesMz HydeSewing for beginners
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond ATimothy ZahnReading: Timothy Zahn
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond BAd Astra Board - Karl McAlonen (m)Ad Astra Annual General MeetingMeet the Ad Astra Board, and help shape future conventions. On the Agenda, Financial Review and election of open board positions
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond CDJody Lynn NyeGoH - Jody Lynn Nye
Sunday4:00 PMRichmond BMary-Ellen McAlonen (m), Bill Fawcett, Maria V. Snyder, Silvain Neuvel, Jody Lynn Nye, Timothy Zahn2018 Closing Ceremonies and Feedback PanelTo close this year's convention, please join us to discuss what works and what doesn't work. Who do you want to see attend next year? And what topics/panels should we include? As a con run totally on volunteer man-power, we are always seeking new bodies to organize the con during the year. Join us to help make your ideas reality.
Sunday1:00 PMAuroraMaaja WentzWattpad For Platform Building and Inspiration (Workshop or Panel)Wattpad For Platform Building and Inspiration

Wattpad is a digital platform with 45 million members worldwide. For writers, it provides detailed demographics of your readers and an easy place to gather and interact with fans. Whether you have a finished novel, or you are just thinking of starting one, Wattpad is the perfect place to serialize your story while you attract attention on a platform which attracts mostly readers (not other writers). Don't leave money on the table or fans in the digital woods. Use Wattpad to attract a following and test your ideas on eager readers. Use Wattpad to break through writer's block, submission anxiety, or to motivate yourself to write more and write better. It's amazing how gratifying writing to an interactive audience can be.
This workshop will enable writers unfamiliar with Wattpad to get started and will also provide writers already familiar with the platform with tips and tricks Maaja Wentz used to help her novel earn featured status and win a Watty award. After visiting Wattpad HQ and analyzing the best practices of successful Wattpad authors, Maaja can guarantee there is something to offer readers and writers. From One Direction Fan Fic that turns into lucrative film deals, to science fiction penned by Margaret Atwood, Wattpad offers diverse opportunities to anyone willing to try it.
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