Cosplay, Props and Masquerade

Panel Listings

Friday7:00 PMOakridgesDoc Morgan (m), Chris WarillowIntroduction to Making PropsThink of all the gadgets, accessories, and just plain awesome things that you see your favourite characters carrying. Have you ever thought that you might want to make some of those things for yourself? Come to our panel for an introduction on getting started in making your own props.
Friday8:00 PMOakridgesMz Hyde (m), Derwin MakCosplay on a shoe string budgetTricks and cheap ways of building Cosplay on a Budget. Learn new ideas and new techniques to building on a low budget.
Saturday12:00 AMOakridgesChris Warillow (m), Mz Hyde, Alex KungPrepping for the Masquerade
Saturday11:00 AMOakridgesDoc Morgan (m), Syndi Berman3D Printing for Prop Makers3D printers are all the rage these days and can make the most amazing props and gadgets. Come and learn about what these new devices can, and can't, do for you. The panel will include a working 3D printer and will leave plenty of time for your questions.
Sunday11:00 AMMarkham BDoc Morgan (m), Leanne McDonaldMake Your Own Books (Hands-On)What is in a book? Learn to make your own and you can decide what will go inside. This workshop will show you examples of great books that you can make for yourself without fancy equipment, materials, or even glue. All materials for the project will be provided.
By the end of the workshop you will have your own first hand-made bound paper treasure to take away with you.
Sunday12:00 PMMarkham AJ M Landels (m), Erik BuchananWriting the Mis-matched
Fight Scene
Sunday3:00 PMOakridgesMz HydeSewing for beginners
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