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Friday7:00 PMAuroraGraham J. DarlingNature & History of Witchcraft
Friday7:00 PMRichmond CDAmy De Ruyte (m), Timothy Zahn, Melissa Small, Mz Hyde, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - the Ladies of ZahnArihnda Pryce and Mara Jade
Friday8:00 PMAuroraChris Warillow (m)Weapons in SFWeapons in the world of SciFi have fantastic properties and ingenious designs, such as the Star Fleet Phaser, the Klingon Bat'leth, the Star War Light Saber and Logan's Run Sandman pistol. How are these weapons used, in combat or as part of the story? Are they possible in our world?
Friday9:00 PMAuroraJeff Beeler(m), David Clink, A.A. Jankiewicz, Rebecca DiemGame of Thrones - how will it end?The final season just wrapped up filming, but how will this tale end? Now that the series is ahead of the books, let's all guess together on the GRRM journey into Westros
Friday9:00 PMOakridgesLarry HancockIs it time to sell your Collectibles?Is it true that "He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins?" or when is the right time to sell your collectibles?
Friday9:00 PMRichmond AJames Bambury, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant42 Inane Questions with Jim and AdamGo figure, the title delivers what it promises. Join Jim and Adam as they banter back and forth asking each other utterly inane fandom questions like "who would win in a wrestling match between the T-800 and a Cylon" and the answers usually have some sort of comic zinger. The answer to that one being something like, "Depends on the Cylon. if Arnie asks Leobin for his pants, boots, and jacket then the Terminator is going to win on slash fic points alone."
Saturday11:00 AMRichmond ACosti Gurgu (m), Derwin Mak, Cathy HirdWTF (Where's the Food?)When people eat, they do it not only for the physical benefits but for a sense of relief and happiness they get from consuming something that tastes good. They also consume food in social situations. Food brings people together in times of celebration and sadness. Food promotes a sense of community, whether it is between friends or people of the same heritage.
Could we write genre fiction about food as art, as cultural aspect and as a social tool? We always talk about food as a necessity, what to eat when in an adventure, or how to feed an army, or a population in an increasingly poorer land. But, how about Chefs and their life of creating the most exciting and tasty recipes? Can this still happen in humanity's future or in an alien civilization? How about food as a show of social status, or social bonding, or ethnic identity?
Saturday11:00 AMRichmond CDMelissa Small (m), Timothy Zahn, Amy De Ruyte, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - Thrawn novel and Rebels
Saturday12:00 PMMarkham BWendy GambleIntroduction to MedSci MissionsAuthor readings, Free book raffle, and discussion. Discover and debate a new universe of intrigue with topics such as: Do you want to be operated on by a robot? Would you go on a ship with a Quantum Displacement Drive to help save Earth? Are banks of cloned organs for surgery a near-future option? How real should martial arts in a novel be? Should we allow hidden wires or have black belts write or consult? Are you tired of female characters having super strength or can a lead woman be strong with intelligence and charm?
Saturday12:00 PMRichmond BPaul Roberts (m), Jeff Beeler, Eric Choi, Gillian Clinton The Expanse, The Orville, DiscoveryCompare and contrast the themes and elements of the three premier, space-based, SF TV shows. This is not about which is best or worst or which hews closest to cannon, but a discussion on how each show approaches space-faring civilisation and whether or not they compliment each other for fannish viewers.
Saturday12:00 PMRichmond CDVanessa Ricci-Thode (m), Jane Ann McLachlan, Rebecca Diem, Sylvain Neuvel, Neil Jamieson-Williams, Brad HornerIs Kindness Overrated?Despite popular media portrayals, when crisis strikes, humans are more likely to come together and support each other than loot and riot. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rose tells Finn "This is how we win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love." In a market dominated by snarky anti-heroes and grimdark, is this a sign of shifting values?
Saturday1:00 PMOakridgesGraham J. DarlingHistorical & Practical Alchemy: More Than Just Lead Into Gold
Saturday1:00 PMRichmond ACathy Hird (m), Maria V. Snyder, Rebecca DiemDiverse Worlds in FantasyWhere once medieval Europe was the goto location for fantasy stories, more and more are set in Africa and Asia, drawing on the rich culture and history of these places. This panel will discuss the best diverse fantasy from recent years
Saturday1:00 PMRichmond BJeff Beeler(m), Robert J. Sawyer, Eric Choi, Adam Shaftoe-Durrant, James Bambury, David Clink 2001 a Space Odyssey at 50
Saturday2:00 PMAuroraJames Bambury (m), David Clink, Douglas Smith Marvel Movies - To Infinity and Beyond
Saturday2:00 PMNewmarketGeoffrey Hart, Wendy Gamble, MJ MooresAlien ArtefactsThe moderator brings in various everyday objects, nominally found in the ruins of an alien civilization, and panelists try to explain the purpose of the artefacts. Think "Motel of the mysteries"!
Saturday3:00 PMOakridgesIra Nayman (m), Moira Scott, David ClinkPutting the Cult Back in CultureOn the fringes of mainstream culture are the films that didn't achieve commercial success, but have a small, devoted following. Films like Repo Man. Kentucky Fried Movie. Buckaroo Bonzai. In this panel, we will try to explain what makes for an enduring cult film, and why the pleasure we get from them should not be considered guilty.
Saturday5:00 PMOakridgesMoira Scott (m), Karen Dales, Derwin Mak and Ira NaymanWhere do those awesome story lines come from?Everything old is new again - or is it? If Lord of the Rings, known for spawning a lot of similar fantasy novels and later films, is not the source of all modern Fantasy and Science Fiction, what is and where did it come from? This panel seeks to discuss the concept that the ancient mythology of Britain and Europe as well as true historical events were the originating stories of such works as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, many comics and anime.
Saturday6:00 PMNewmarketGeoffrey Hart (m), Sylvain Neuvel, Jane Ann McLachlanFirst contact communicationHumans are prone to amusing -- or serious -- communication problems. Imagine the problems with aliens in a first contact situation
Saturday7:00 PMAuroraJames Bambury (m), Adam Shaftoe-Durrant , Beverly BamburyWestworldOur panelists gather to talk about the transformation of Westworld from pop sci-fi in season one to mirror on social and cultural excess in season two. Has Westworld departed too far from its origins and become a slow burn iteration of Black Mirror?
Saturday7:00 PMNewmarketKaren Dales (m), Moira Scott, Stephanie BardyWhich Witch is Which?Movies, television and books have generally portrayed Witches as powerful women, often portrayed as beautiful and evil. But in reality Witches and Witchcraft are very different. Come and learn about this often misrepresented religion/practice to help alleviate misconceptions and misunderstanding.
Saturday8:00 PMRichmond CDGraham J. Darling, Amanda Sun, A.A. JankiewiczEcology for World BuildingWorlds need to be populated from the ground up. How do you fill a new world with an ecology that fits the scene?
Saturday9:00 PMNewmarketDavid Clink (m), Wendy GambleTREK vs TREK vs TREKAn examination of how the different Star Treks compare to each other. Which one is the real trek and gives us the promise of what Trekking promised us ? Roddenberry or Berman or Abrams or Discovery ?
Sunday12:00 PMRichmond CDSean Howard(m), Michael Mongiardi, Carter Siddal, Lee Smart Make it Funny or Else! Improv podcast pros share it allPodcasting is exploding. And there are a growing number of shows that use improvisation as their backbone. Hello from the Magic Tavern and Mission to Zyxx are two great and well regarded examples. The GTA is home to a number of acclaimed improvisers with successful and lauded shows that use improvisation. Hear about the ins and outs of using improvisation techniques, how people got started and some of the unique challenges of using improvisation in a podcast format. Our panel includes: Season X of Illusionoid is a weekly improvised comedy podcast radio-play of other-worldly influence (sci-fi meets fantasy) and is created and played by some truly amazing Second City alumni. That’s How I Remember It follows four Toronto improv-comedians as they re-tell your favourite movies to the best of their memories. Their memories are terrible. The End of Time and Other Bothers is a show in the vein of The Adventure Zone and Mission to Zyxx that uses improvisation, actual play and audio design to weave a fantasy comedy tale of demons, fairy cakes and bazookas.
Sunday1:00 PMNewmarketVanessa Ricci-Thode, Luke Maynard, A.A. JankiewiczRare Middle-EarthA deep dive into Tolkien's work. While Tolkien has left a major mark on modern fantasy, there are so many elements from his writing that are rare and unusual today. Join this panel Middle-Earth fans as they examine what makes Tolkien unique and leaves generations of fans with such deep feelings.
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond AMelissa Small (m), Timothy Zahn, Amy De Ruyte, Vanya Yount, Seb MeenoStar Wars - Thrawn, Villain or misunderstood Blueberry?Legends to Canon, and why we all love him
Sunday2:00 PMNewmarketKaren Dales (m), Stephanie BardyPaganism and the PWRThere is a HUGE cross over between the Pagan communities and the Geek communities. Factor in the reality that in many fantasy movies, television and books, pagans and witches are often written in fantastic and unrealistic ways. Come and learn the reality of Paganism as a diverse religion(s) whose practices are protected within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how the Pagans will be represented at the Parliament of World Religions this fall in Toronto.
Sunday2:00 PMOakridgesPatrick McDonald (m), Stephanie BardyFandom and Mental HealthWriters and fans who have experienced mental health issues can discuss their experiences in a safe space on Sunday afternoon. How we get through it, and how SciFi fits into our coping are topics for discussion.
A lot of people with these issues have found such an event comforting,in my experience.
Sunday2:00 PMOakridgesIra Nayman (m), Moira Scott, James Bambury, David StephensonThe Wonders of Studio GhibliPrincess Mononoke. Spirited Away. Howl's Moving Castle. Kiki's Delivery Service. The animated feature films of Studio Ghibli have a different sensibility than those of the west. And they're gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to talk about that for an hour?
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