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Friday7:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonMaking a Little Money Designing GamesYou're a designer padawan. You have a LOT of cool ideas. Now what? How does one take their intellectual property from concept to prototype, prototype to manufacture & manufacture to distribution?
Friday8:00 PMNewmarketThomas Gofton (m), Bill FawcettWorking with Licensed Board Game Properties & Why They Aren't Always What You'd ExpectWorking with a licencor can be really difficult when everyone & the publisher gets a say in how to make a game. Learn how to make a great game despite the challenges of working with large studios, corporate leaders and big time publishers.
Friday9:00 PMNewmarketRach Shelkey (m), Moira Scott, Justin MoharebA Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying GamesRoleplaying games are undergoing a renaissance in fandom. With countless live streams and actual play podcasts, it's impossible to not feel inspired to jump into the RPG community and start gaming yourself. Not sure where to start? Unsure what books and dice you should buy? How do you find your first adventuring party? Our panelists will help guide your first steps into this vibrant creative community.
Saturday11:00 AMNewmarketBill Fawcett, Thomas GoftonGame Design Group SessionDiscuss the mechanics of a board game and design one to reflect the principles
Saturday12:00 PMNewmarketRach Shelkey (m), Luke Maynard, Justin MoharebRoleplaying Beyond D&DCrowdfunding, digital distribution, and independent publishing have resulted in an explosion of roleplaying games. Never before have gamers had access to so many systems and adventures. With such an overwhelming array of options, it's easy to miss great games in the sea of content. Looking to find something new to light your imagination on fire? Check out the suggestions from our panelists!
Saturday1:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonDesigning Cooperative vs Competitive GamesJoin Lynnvander, the cooperative guys and see how they've made a mark in the cooperative game design field. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Quest and more... All co-op all the time because a party that stays together...dies together.
Sunday11:00 AMNewmarketThomas GoftonKicking KickstarterThe ups and downs, woes and excitement that is your full time career on Kickstarter and other Crowdfunding engines. Team Lynnvander has run dozens of Kickstarters for film, board games and more, some very successful and some scraping by the skin of their teeth. Backer beware!
Sunday12:00 PMNewmarketThomas GoftonHow to Thrive as an Eclectic Entrepreneur!Team Lynnvander has much to say about surviving in all the industries! From film to board game cafes, designing games & being published in fiction... how do they manage it all? They'll tell you how and how you can begin your career as an eclectic entrepreneur!
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond BBill Fawcett, Ed Greenwood, Jody Lynn NyeHistory of Role Playing GamingOnstage - Together, Bill, Ed and Jody
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