Readings and Signings

Panel Listings

Friday7:30 PMMarkham AA.A. JankiewiczReading: A.A. Jankiewicz
Friday7:30 PMMarkham BDouglas SmithReading: Douglas Smith
Friday8:00 PMMarkham AKari MaarenReading: Kari Maaren
Friday8:00 PMMarkham BCameron S. CurrieReading: Cameron S. Currie
Friday8:30 PMMarkham ARebecca DiemReading: Rebecca Diem
Friday8:30 PMMarkham BAllan WeissReading: Allan Weiss
Friday8:30 PMMarkham BIra NaymanReading: Ira Nayman
Saturday10:30 AMMarkham ACosti GurguReading: Costi Gurgu
Saturday10:30 AMMarkham BArlene F. MarksReading: Arlene Marks
Saturday11:30 AMMarkham AL.E. SterlingReading: L.E. Sterling
Saturday12:00 PMMarkham ACarolyn Clink, David ClinkPoetry Round RobinCalling our poets - Join Carolyn and David in a round robin poetry circle, where anyone can read come and read their poems.
Saturday1:00 PMMarkham ADerwin MakReading: Derwin Mak
Saturday2:00 PMMarkham ALesley LivingstonReading: Lesley Livingston
Saturday2:00 PMMarkham BJM LandelsReading: JM Landels
Saturday2:30 PMMarkham BMJ MooresReading: MJ Moores
Saturday3:00 PMMarkham AGraham J. DarlingReading: Graham J. Darling
Saturday3:30 PMMarkham AEric ChoiReading: Eric Choi
Saturday5:00 PMMarkham AJody Lynn NyeReading: Jody Lynn Nye
Saturday5:00 PMMarkham ASarah WaterRavenReading: Sarah WaterRaven
Saturday5:30 PMMarkham BJames Alan GardnerReading: James Alan Gardner
Saturday7:00 PMMarkham BTonya LiburdReading: Tonya Liburd
Saturday7:30 PMMarkham BIan KeelingReading: Ian Keeling
Saturday8:00 PMMarkham BGeoffrey HartReading: Geoffrey Hart
Sunday12:00 PMRichmond BMaria V SnyderReading: Maria V Snyder
Sunday2:00 PMAuroraRobert J. SawyerReading: Robert J. Sawyer
Sunday2:30 PMAuroraSylvain NeuvelReading: Sylvain Neuvel
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond ATimothy ZahnReading: Timothy Zahn
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