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Friday9:00 PM10:00 PMAuroraStar Wars, the Final MovieStar Wars Episode IX - Can the beloved saga conclude in a way that will satisfy fans?Adam Shaftoe (m), Kari Maaren, Luke Maynard, James Bambury, Melissa Small
Friday10:00 PM11:00 PMAuroraGoT - did it end well?Game of Thrones - did it end well? Who should have ruled instead?David Clink (m), James Bambury, Jen Frankel, A.A. Jankiewicz, Jeff Beeler
Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMKingCreating Communities Through PodcastingSo you either listen to podcasts, or host one yourself. Good, that means you're human. Podcasts are an exciting media platform, that give a voice to anyone who wants it. This panel will discuss how to get the most out of your podcasts by taking advantage of the ever-expanding podcast communities. Hosted by members of "The Sonar Network", Toronto's podcast collective.Michael Mongiardi, Cody Crain
Friday11:00 PM12:00 AMAuroraJames and Adam NanoConLate Night Comedy, with James and AdamJames Bambury, Adam Shaftoe
Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMOakvilleHistory of WitchcraftWitches and witchcraft have been portrayed as a negative, harmful, or scary characters in writing, art, stage and screen through the centuries. From Goya to Shakespeare, to the Wizard of Oz, and modern paranormal novels, television and movies. Come learn where Witchcraft comes from, what it is, and why the Witch has become vilified over the centuries.Moira Scott (m), Stephanie Bardy, Evan Dales, Karen Dales
Saturday12:00 PM1:00 PMMarkham ASci-Fi and Fantasy for Young AdultsThe Katniss Everdeens. The Beatrice Priors. The Meg Murrys. Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy has had its fair share of strong female leads (as well as some poorly written ones, of course). We all know the girl who's "not like everyone else" and is the chosen one to save the day. But why has it been in mostly dystopian or paranormal fiction? And why is there almost always a romance? Come join us as we discuss feminism and YA SFF. We'll talk about what trends we've seen in the past, and how, if at all, we believe the YA genre is progressing in its female-lead SFF stories. Rebecca Diem (m), Avi Silver, Cathy Hird, Melissa Small, Kari Maaren, Amanda Sun
Saturday11:00 PM12:00 PMOakvilleDoes Spock's Home Planet Exist?The multiple starsystem 40 Eridani was the basis for Spock's "home". Recently a "superearth" planet has been found to be orbiting the orange dwarf star. Possibilities abound!Patrick McDonald (m)
Saturday1:00 PM2:00 PMAuroraTo Boldly Make Discovery in the ExpanseStar Trek lives on, in two contrasting seasons of Discovery and (to a degree), The Orville. The Expanse, meanwhile, takes a starkly different view of future space exploration, one more in keeping with contemporary SF writing. What do the differing approaches bring to our understanding of SF and our own possible futures?

JD DeLuzio (m), Eric Choi, Adam Shaftoe, Paul Roberts, Gillian Clinton
Saturday3:00 PM4:00 PMOakvilleSixties Sci-fiThis panel will talk about the best and worst of science fiction writing and television. What we go back to read and watch; what we avoid like the plague; what we both love and hate.Cathy Hird (m), David Clink, Herb Kauderer, Derwin Mak, Jeff Beeler
Saturday4:00 PM5:00 PMOakvilleSub/Urban Folklore and e-MythologyA pair of twelve-year-old girls stab a friend as a sacrifice to a meme. A man tries to liberate children that a ludicrous conspiracy theory tells him are held in a pizza parlor's non-existent basement. El chupacabra appears in horror movies while the New Jersey Devil challenges Marvel's Fantastic Four in comic books.
Online and sub/urban lore are the new Brothers Grimm, and it's clear that the processes that produce folklore and religion have not stopped. What are the roots, benefits, and dangers of sub/urban and online lore? And how can the products of modern folklore enrich science fiction and fantasy?
JD DeLuzio (m), Melissa Small
Saturday8:00 PM9:00 PMAuroraAnd what would your Space TV Franchise look like?This panel will start with a general discussion, and then open up to the possibilities of various panelist and audience member's ideas for an SF franchise.JD DeLuzio(m), Eric Choi, Ira Nayman, Fingers Delaurus, Jeff Beeler
Saturday8:00 PM9:00 PMOakvilleGraphic NovelThe popularity of the Graphic Novel is on the rise, but how does it compare to traditional novels?D Larry Hancock (m), Kari Maaren, Sarah WaterRaven, Lar DeSouza
Saturday9:00 PM10:00 PMOakvilleThe DC Cinematic Universe: What Works and What Doesn'tA discussion of the DC movies to date, with thoughts on what has worked, what has not, ideas on how the parts that didn't work could have been made better, and what story opportunities could have thus been opened up. Andre Lieven (m), David Clink, James Bambury, Luke Maynard Fingers Delaurus
Saturday10:00 PM11:00 PMOakville2019 - is this the peak?2019 - is this the peak, with so many series coming to an end this year? Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel's MCU, Big Bang TheoryAdam Shaftoe (m), Elizabeth Hirst
Sunday1:00 PM2:00 PMOakville
Empowering Marginalized People Through HorrorHorror hasn't always had the best track record with representation or marginalized groups, and there are many examples of careless stories that contribute to racism, sexism and stigma against mental illness, among other issues. However, horror has also always had a thread of resistance running through it, from the first horror author, Mary Shelley, and her depiction of the monstrous implications of parenthood. A panel of diverse authors and fans will talk about how horror can amplify its tradition of resistance while avoiding tropes that are harmful to marginalized people, as well as looking at the ways that horror can bring hope to people experiencing adverse life circumstances or oppression. Elizabeth Hirst
Sunday2:00 PM3:00 PMAuroraMental Health and FandomSunday afternoon discussion about mental illness challenges and how science fiction helps or hinders coping with them.Patrick McDonald (m), Avi Silver, Vanessa Ricci-Thode
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