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MUS-01ConcertFriday8:00 PM9:00 PMVaughan WestDevin Melanson and Friends ConcertDevin's secret alter ego is as a singer/songwriter/producer up in the hills of Ontario.  He will be sharing both his original Filk songs, as well as a standard song or two from the genre.  Expect songs about his favourite topics: dragons, technology, Emilia Airhart, board games, and other geeky pursuits. This concert is not scheduled* to contain any heavy metal music, and he will limit himself to just 18 strings.  *Schedule subject to change.Devin Melanson and Friends Concert
MUS-02ConcertFriday9:00 PM10:00 PMVaughan WestFaithful Sidekicks ConcertThe Faithful Sidekicks are the Filk/Geek Pop duo of Eric and Jen Distad. They write and perform an eclectic mix of original catchy songs about the geeky stuff they love from comedic pop songs like "Han Solo For President" to love songs written in SQL Code, and everything in between. They've been delighting audiences at Sci-Fi Conventions, Coffee Shops, and Clubs around the US and parts beyond since 2014. They have released two CDs, the most recent being "Achievement Unlocked".Eric & Jen Distad
MUS-03ConcertFriday10:00 PM11:00 PMVaughan WestVia Bella ConcertRand and Erin Bellavia will perform songs from their album The Way Of Beauty, dealing with fandoms such as The Princess Bride, A Wrinkle in Time, Seanan McGuire’s October Daye novels, Star Trek, and Agent Peggy Carter.  You might also hear a few of their “deconstructed” covers of popular songs.  (Okay, you’ll hear three.)  Feel the soft rock fury of Via Bella!Rand & Erin Bellavia
MUS-04OpenFriday11:00 PM3:00 AMKingSue Jeffers & Kari Maaren hosting (first hour)Join a relaxed circle of people making music and laughing together. Bring songs or instruments or just come to listen. Circles are the heart of the filk community and where lasting friendships begin.
MUS-05ClosedSaturday12:00 PMFilk roomKingSound Engineering: Home recording tips and tricksThe home recording enthusiast usually has two constraints when trying to capture a great performance: - We are always on a budget for gear - We are always on a budget for time Come join a panel of successful of home "Pretend-Gineers" as they share their tips and tricks to getting the most sound out of the least space and bank account. Hardware, software, and techniques will be presented for the composing/recording/mixing/mastering process. We sincerely hope you can steal some useful ideas!Devin Melanson (m), Eric Distad, Tom Jeffers, Ken Lalonde, Rand Bellavia
MUS-06OpenSaturday1:00 PM2:00 PMKingSound Engineering: Setting up a recording spaceYour audio message may be music, podcast, voice over, or narration. And your fans want to hear this message... but not necessarily the dog, laundry machine, or the neighbour's stereo. A panel of home recording enthusiasts discuss and demonstrate their favourite ways to create a recording space. They will share strategies from "Mild to Wild" when it comes to setting up your little corner of audio creation!Tom Jeffers (m), Devin Melanson, Eric Distad, Phil Mills
MUS-07OpenSaturday2:00 PM3:00 PMKingWriters: Learn to Love the DeadlineDeadlines can be ominous and intimidating, but they can also be a tool to give your creativity and productivity a boost.  In this session we'll talk about the use of constraints to breed creativity and how timed writing challenges like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and FAWM (February Album Writing Month) can help you practice the art of writing and can make Deadlines a useful tool.Eric Distad (m), Kari Maaren, Phil Mills (+ 1-2 prose or poetry writer(s))
MUS-08ConcertSaturday4:00 PM5:00 PMVaughanJudith Hayman ConcertJudith is a singer-songwriter, with two albums released.  Her concert will include songs based on SF&F book and media, the space program and possibly cats.  Expect songs based on several authors and genre inspirations.Judith Hayman
MUS-09ConcertSaturday7:00 PM7:30 PMVaughanChris Clarke ConcertChris has been writing music for 15 years and will be performing his own original music including songs inspired by the fantastic works of CS Lewis, Vampire and Zombie movies, D&D Adventures and one or two less geeky songs! He combines social awareness and humour with solid vocals and pick & slap rhythm for a fun and folky listener's experience.Chris Clarke
MUS-010ConcertSaturday7:30 PM8:30 PMVaughanStone Dragons GoH ConcertThe Stone Dragons hail from Toronto and have been performing all over the world their brand of science fiction, fantasy, fun songs and on-stage banter. They have won numerous awards, been guests at a number of filk conventions and have a debut CD called “Dream of Flying” that they released a few years ago. We are so looking forward to being guests at AdAstra and sharing our music.Tom Jeffers, Sue Jeffers
MUS-011ClosedSaturday9:30 PM10:30 PMKingWomen of Filk:Local filkers (male and female) each perform a few of their favourite songs written by female filkersJanet Julian (m), Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Phil Mils, Jane Garthson
MUS-012OpenSaturday10:30 pm - 3 amfilk roomKingErin Bellavia & Jen Distad hosting (first hour)Join a relaxed circle of people making music and laughing together. Bring songs or instruments or just come to listen. Circles are the heart of the filk community and where lasting friendships begin.Erin Bellavia & Jen Distad hosting (first hour)
MUS-013ConcertSunday12:00 PM1:00 PMVaughanMorva Bowman and Alan Pollard ConcertMorva and Alan perform an eclectic mix of classic and not so classic filk mixed with some folk tunes. Music written by artists across Canada, the US and the UK. Subjects include Valentina Tereshkova, fairy tale daughters, Bletchley Park, Arthurian legend, and sirens. (Not all in one song, sadly!) And we love it when people sing along!Morva Bowman, Alan Pollard
MUS-014ConcertSunday1:00 PM2:00 PMVaughanEarth to the Moon - 50th AnniversaryThis month we look back fifty years to the day mankind first reached the moon, walked on its surface, and returned safely to Earth.  Our multimedia presentation tells the story of manned space exploration in the West through narration, iconic images, and classic original songs.  Presented by an ensemble of performers.Judith Hayman, Howard Scrmgeour, Devin Melanson, Christie de Souza, Stone Dragons, Faithful Sidekicks, Morva Bowman and Alan Pollard, Janet Julian
MUS-015OpenSunday2:00 PM4:00 PMKingStory and Song: Songs Inspired by Genre AuthorsAuthors will do short readings of their own or other works followed by a song inspired by that story, novel or poem, performed by the song-writer.Sue Jeffers (M), Phil Mills, Judith Hayman, Tom Jeffers, Jane Garthson, Morva Bowman, Alan Pollard, Tanya Huff, James Alan Gardner, others tbd
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