Bill Fawcett

Official Guest of Honour for #AdAstra2018 – Game designer, Author, and Editor, Bill Fawcett

His varied career includes college professor and dean, teacher, corporate executive, writer, editor, anthologist, and game designer.

He was one of the players in early Dungeons & Dragons games using photocopied prototypes of the rules handed out by Gary Gygax. As a founder of Mayfair Games, he won several of that industry’s highest honors, the Charles Roberts Award. Perhaps the best-known of his game designs is Empire Builder.

He has written or coauthored over a dozen books and dozens of articles and short stories. As a book packager, a person who prepares series of books from concept to production for major publishers, his company, Bill Fawcett & Associates, has packaged more than 250 titles for virtually every major publisher.

This will be your best chance to have your questions answered about gaming, editing, publishing and so much more… and of course, get his autograph!


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