Ad Astra 2018 – Author Events

July 13-15th, 2018

Book Launches

Ad Astra is host to several exciting book launches this year. Check your schedule and be sure to join some of your favourite authors launch a new release. Launches take place on the tenth floor in either suite 1070 or 1086.


Friday 6 – 8 PM, Room 1086
The Stars Are Calling continues the journey of our young star cadets Skyler, Michael and Kax. This is their second year in the United Galactic Forces and things are starting to heat up. War is on the horizon. Michael is dealing with an ill father and an identity crisis: torn between what is right and wrong, where does he belong: on Earth or Squall? Skyler is finding out training to be a captain is a lot harder than he imagined, while Kax, trying to put personal feelings aside, falls unsure she is cut out to be a pilot anymore. Join us in discovering the adventure that awaits in the next instalment of the Starchasers Saga. Now including new characters!

Friday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1080
“Ahrimaz, Emperor of all the conquered lands, has woken up in a bed and a world not his own. They keep telling him he is a tyrant and a monster. He knows that he is but they have him locked in the basement for his own and other’s safety.  Can he be released? Can he be healed? Does he even want healing?” 

Friday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1086
Zombie Eating Contest!

Witches — Necromancers — Inappropriate table manners! Join the fun and help launch Maaja Wentz’s first novel, Feeding Frenzy. Enter the magical City of Loon Lake with its feuding witches and deadly secrets. Experience undead refreshments, creepy contests, horrifying prizes, very short readings, and wyrd behaviour. Chocolate Man/Gunnar would never trick you, so don’t shamble by, come in for a treat.

Saturday 12 – 2 PM, Room 1080
Come join Brain Lag and author Simon A. G. Spencer to celebrate the winter release of Soul, Light, and Wings! This captivating post-apocalyptic epic fantasy has been called “a tour de force” (David Nickle, author of Volk: A Novel of Radiant Abomination) and “a rich, alternately gritty and gossamer tapestry” (Paul Levinson, author of The Silk Code). Come for free snacks and drinks and learn about this exciting new book!

Saturday 12 – 2 PM, Room 1086
The Masked Queen’s Lament” is the thrilling conclusion to the Gift-Knight trilogy. An ensemble cast enters the final struggle to decide their future. Some fight to shape what they believe is a perfect world. Others fight against injustice, for love and the ones they lost, to survive, to preserve who they are. But what will be left when the fighting is done? Dylan Madeley is an independent writer, previously releasing “The Gift-Knight’s Quest” and “The Crown Princess’ Voyage” in this series. He is also copy editor of and frequent contributor to Auxiliary Magazine, an alternative fashion music and lifestyle publication.

Saturday 3 – 5 PM, Room 1086
When the world discovers superpowers are real, not everyone is ready to welcome them with open arms.  Come and join Jennifer Carole Lewis to celebrate the release of the fourth book of the Lalassu.  Enjoy some cookies while she shares a reading and answers any and all questions about her books, her writing process, and her publishing journey.


Saturday 6- 8 PM, Room 1080
The Arrival: The Pridden Saga: Book One, is J.M. Tibbott’s first myth/fantasy novel, and the response from all readers is positive.

The author planned this novel as the introduction to a series of seven, and the second, much anticipated, novel is well under way. J.M. has been writing since childhood, and under the name of Marilyn Kleiber was a prize winner in the 2013 Alice Munro short story contest.

Sharing the launch of The Arrival, is Arlene F. Marks, who will present h er Science Fiction novel The Relativity Bomb, Sic Transit Terra 3. Arlene is currently hard at work on the fifth book of the series.

At the launch, on Saturday evening between 6 and 8pm, books will be available for purchasing and for signing, and light refreshments will also be on hand.

Saturday 6- 8 PM, Room 1086
MAD SCIENCE and DOILIES. Join author Rebecca Diem for a tea party book launch to celebrate the riveting finale of her steampunk adventure series TALES OF THE CAPTAIN DUKE. Her latest novella, OF TEMPESTS AND TEACUPS (Paperback, 140pgs, $14), follows a rebellious debutante as she embraces her new role as a pirate quartermaster in this charming alternate-Victorian era fantasy. This quartet of novellas is sure to please fans of Firefly or Jim Butcher’s The Cinder Spires. Tea and light refreshments will be served.

 Stop the Tradists. Save the Captain Duke. 
When the Captain Duke goes missing, Clara takes the helm to face enemies old and new. Torn between desire and duty, she must use her skills as both pirate and debutante to unite her allies and save the day. Even if it means facing her greatest fears—and returning to where it all began. 

Saturday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1080
Midsummer Night’s Launch!

Attend the Midsummer Night Book Launch and Party, Saturday night, 9-11 pm in 1086.
Enjoy drinks, pasties, fruit and berries and record your own Midsummer Night at the selfie station, complete with props from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Enjoy a reading from The Sorrow Stone, a medieval historical fantasy by J. A. McLachlan.

What if you could sell your sorrow? How would you change if you couldn’t feel grief? How would it affect the person who bought it? Visit 12th Century France in this unique, award-winning novel based on actual folk lore.

Saturday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1086
Brave New Girls is back with its third instalment, Heroines who Hack.

These incredible collections of stories feature girls who defy expectations and tap into their know-how to solve despicable crimes, talk to extraterrestrials, and take down powerful villains. They experiment with new fangled devices, build robots, hack interstellar corporations and create virtual worlds.

Over the last three years the Brave New Girls anthologies have raised thousands of dollars for the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund, helping send girls into STEM fields.

Come out and spend a fun night with us as we unveil Brave New Girls 3: Heroines who Hack, and show the world that girls, too, can be tomorrow’s inventors, programmers, scientists, and more.


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