Ad Astra 2019 – Author Events

July 12-14th, 2019

Book Launches

Ad Astra is host to several exciting book launches this year. Check your schedule and be sure to join some of your favourite authors launch a new release. Launches take place on the tenth floor in either suite 1062 or 1080, as well as a special epic event in Aurora!


Friday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1080
Dark Dragon Publishing is proud to announce our first ever anthology, CANADIAN DREADFUL, edited by David Tocher. So mark this day and time: Friday, July 12th from 9pm to 11pm for our long awaited Launch Party.  Local authors will be there to read their stories, answer questions and sign copies, as well as refreshments.

“CANADIAN DREADFUL showcases some of Canada’s best voices in horror fiction. This anthology is a harrowing tour of the northern landscape that will leave you both dazzled and terrified.” ~David Morrell, New York Times best-selling author of Murder as a Fine Art.

In the pages of this anthology, you will not find the Canada you are accustomed to, nor a Canada that the world has grown to know and love.
Between the covers, you will discover a dark landscape that will challenge your perspective. From sea to shining sea, stories of a darker Canada will arise, and within them all a kernel of truth. Stories of sacrifice,cannibalism, ghosts, and mystical forests, the authors will plunge you into the country that is Canadian Dreadful.

Saturday 3 – 5 PM, Room 1080
Come join author Kit Daven as she celebrates the summer release of The Starry Rise, the adventurous conclusion to A Xiinisi Trilogy! This science fantasy series explores self identity and transformation in a storyverse that blends fantasy with science fiction, mystery, adventure, and some elements of horror. What else should you expect? Trans-dimensional world builders, multiple dimensions, a cactus demon,  magic, shape-shifting, and more.  Enjoy free food while Kit shares a reading from The Starry Rise and answers any questions you may have about the previous books in the series, The Forgotten Gemstone and The Other Castle. Books will be available for sale and for signing, along with giveaways.    Website:

Saturday 4 – 6 PM,  Aurora   Celebration for TALES FROM PLEXIS!

When returning GOH Julie E. Czerneda opened the doors of her iconic space station PLEXIS to fans of her Clan Chronicles series, little did she suspect the outpouring of talent that arrived! Come and join the largest gathering of PLEXIS contributors anywhere on this planet or in space to celebrate the result! Get your copy signed by all! Learn behind the scene secrets and exactly how the party started—and where it’s going next!

Saturday 6- 8 PM, Room 1062
A Home Among the Stars  By Kay Hawkins

The third installment in the Starchasers saga—A Home Among the Stars—follows Skyler, Michael and Kax as the raging war begins to reach a fever pitch. In the United Galactic Forces Space Academy, things intensify as more is revealed about our characters.

Skyler wrestles with the looming possibility of being put on active duty and his feelings for Kax. How can he go to the front lines of a war with confidence, knowing his father met his end doing the very same?

Michael, determined to make a difference for Squallite-kind and how they are perceived, continues his studious work in the lab to help win the war against the Cassiopaean invaders. How will he grapple with Rob Thorn, a new cadet who proves to stir dissent?

Follow the exploits and tribulations of our young cadets as they navigate life and the cosmos in A Home Among the Stars.

&   The Season of the Plough  (book I of the Travalaith Saga)  By Luke R. J. Maynard

The Travalaithi Empire is in a state of unrest, and the sleepy frontier town of Widowvale was meant to be a refuge from the looming civil war. But when the local militia’s hunt for a lowly poacher turns up a mysterious child at the heart of an unreliable prophecy, the town’s fortunes are transformed forever, and the deadly troubles of the outside world are brought home for the harvest.

Coming of age in this uneasy world was hard enough as a simple farmer. But when Aewyn’s heroic destiny comes crashing home, and her ancient mentor stands accused of treason, the supposed Chosen One faces a choice of her own: will she fulfill the dubious destiny she’s been given, or sacrifice it all to save her town and her friends?

Saturday 6- 8 PM, Room 1080

BOOK LAUNCH: TWO DARK MOONS (The Shale Project/Molewhale Press)

The Shale Project is back with a whole continent’s worth of new stories to tell! From the folks who brought you multiple-award winning fantasy The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming, now come on an adventure through the misty jungles of Cygmia in our second publication, Two Dark Moons. Vivid, rambunctious, and full of heart, this queer YA fantasy has got something for everyone: found family! Fantasy astrology! Giant lizards! Join us on Saturday night for this short novel’s release party: enjoy readings, learn how to click like a sãoni lizard, munch on moon-phase cupcakes, and take our astrology quiz to find out what sign you are according to the village of Ateng! Come visit The Shale Project’s table in the Vendor Hall for more information.

Saturday 9 – 11 PM, Room 1080

Join author’s A.A. Jankiewicz and Lisa Toohey for a double launch party featuring the highly anticipated fourth volume in the Brave New Girls series, Brave New Girls: Tales of Gals and Gizmos plus A.A. Jankiewicz’s third novel in the Q-16 series, Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar.

Sonic Screwdrivers and wholesome Chili are rumoured to appear when these girls throw a party.


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