March 23rd 2020

To all Ad Astra members and staff,

With the growing concern over the COVID-19 situation, along with the Ontario Government’s order halting events with 50 people or more attendees, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that this year’s Ad Astra will be postponed until 2021.

After discussing our situation at length with the Ad Astra Board of Directors (the Board), we have made the difficult decision to postpone Ad Astra this year. The team would like to stress that this decision did not come lightly, and we have exhausted every other option we had available.

In keeping with the above-mentioned order from the Ontario government, combined with our own discussions with respect to public safety, the safety and well being of our members, volunteers, stakeholders, and our duty of responsibility to the continuing viability of Ad Astra, we have suspend the planning of Ad Astra 2020  and focussing our efforts on being prepared for the next opportunity to run again. If you have already registered for Ad Astra 2020, those existing registrations will be put forward to Ad Astra 2021. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your membership, or wish to inquire about refunds, please email us at:

We are actively working with the hotel on securing the venue for the same dates next year. As soon as we have more solid information on bookings for the hotel for 2021, we will let people know on our social media and website.

The Board and Chair want to thank the entire ConCom for all of their hard work in organizing this year’s event. Now that we can use all of our planning efforts towards next year, the Board is confident that with the additional time available, we will make 2021 something even more special.

Very special thanks goes out to our Guests of Honour Ellen Kushner, Heather Dale and Peter Kenneth whose generous gift of their time is so important to us. To our featured guests Robert Sawyer, Ed Greenwood and Eric Choi, your continued support of literary events is ever so appreciated! To our local artists and exhibitors who continue to return and support Ad Astra over and over again, thank you always for your contributions every year.

We especially want to thank the entire membership of Ad Astra; it is because of your support that we can continue to put these events on every year.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope you are all safe and doing well during these difficult times.

James Bade
Convention Chair

Ad Astra Board of Directors:
President: Paul Roberts
Vice-President: Mike green
Secretary: Zalmen Serebryanski
David Hurst,
Andrew Houston,
Michael Labadie
Carolyn van Heerden


March 17th 2020

To all Ad Astra members and staff,

Like all of you, we’ve been monitoring the evolving global impact of the coronavirus (COVID‑19) and we want you all to know that our core value is safety first, for our members, guests and staff. Acknowledging that we are a small organisation and with limited capability to effect much, I’d like to share what we have been doing in to uphold that commitment.

First off, we are staying in contact with the hotel and encouraging them to increase their cleaning regimen, to increase sanitising of common hotel spaces, especially touch surfaces. We are also asking them to put out an increased number of hand sanitiser stations for customer and staff use.

Similarly, we expect that there will be sanitizer liberally stationed at our larger gathering spaces, such as registration, the consuite, information desk and the large ballroom spaces.

We are also closely monitoring the situation as it evolves, and as further government announcements and public health measures are enacted.

We know we are a small event, but all of you are valued as friends, not simply attendees or staff and we will do whatever is within our means and control to safeguard everybody’s health in this time of uncertainty.

Sincerely Yours James Bade
Ad Astra Chair
The Ad Astra Convention Committee
The Ad Astra Board of Directors.