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The 501st Legion is an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Sith LordsClone Troopersbounty hunters, and other villains from the Star Wars universe. The 501st Legion, called by its nickname Vader’s Fist, is made up entirely of volunteers.[2] 


GenreCon is Guelph’s comic con. Its about being passionate and having a desire to share your excitement and knowledge with others. GenreCon allows you to explore your interests with others.

This is a fan-run convention celebrating the four cornerstones of geek culture: Literature, Gaming, Film, and Music. GenreCon is a three day long event happening February 9-10, 2018 at the Delta Hotel in Guelph.

Con Bravo

ConBravo! is a three-day festival celebrating the very best in independent creators.

Whether you enjoy video, graphic novels, webcomics, gaming, or cosplay, ConBravo! is where you can celebrate your passion. 

The Royal Manticoran Navy

We are here to celebrate the work of David Weber and the universe he has created in his Honor Harrington books.  Our hierarchy structure is set up based on what is in the books.  We have gone to great lengths to make sure we are as true to the books as possible, using the books, and input from David Weber and Ad Astra as our guide. We want you to have a positive fandom experience, so please explore all our site has to offer and if you like what you see, feel free to join us.  All we ask is that you remember one thing; no matter what you do, Do It With Honor!

Toronto Gaymers

TOG’s mission is to provide its members and friends with a safe and welcoming space where everyone can celebrate their passion in gaming, anime, cosplaying and cross-playing. Driven by the desire to be the go-to group to meet new friends and socialize with like-minded people, TOG is proud to host many events that both support our members’ needs as well as the needs of local businesses that are pivotal in supporting our events in the Greater Toronto Area.






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