Heather Dale

The Heather Dale Band plays contemporary Celtic music, bringing to life stories and songs from around the Celtic world, fusing myth and history with dreamy sounds and driving rhythms.

Over a 25-year career, The Heather Dale Band has performed more than a thousand concerts in Canada, the USA, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Songwriters Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps’ songs such as “Mordred’s Lullaby” and “Joan” have been streamed tens of millions of times on YouTube and Spotify. They have just released their 20th studio album, “Sphere” – 11 new songs that weave together folk, ambient electronica and world music.

“I connect with folk heroines who speak their minds, stand up for themselves, and rebuild their lives after upheaval.” says leader Heather Dale. ” Women’s stories are easily dismissed, but they shouldn’t be.” An evocative and often surprising wordsmith, Dale’s poetry has been featured in seven novels written by New York Times bestselling authors S.M. Stirling and E.K. Johnston.

In addition to composing and performing their music, Heather and Ben run their own record label, Amphis Music, and have recently started a service called OnlineConcertThing.com, helping independent musicians stream live concerts over the internet.




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