Lar deSouza

Official Guest of Honour for #AdAstra2019 – The Artist Lar deSouza!

Lar deSouza, beard advocate noted fez enthusiast and Internet Uncle, is really good at sitting. He sits like a champ. And when he sits, he draws.  Like, a LOT. For the past 16 years, Lar has been pulling double duty as the the cartoonist for the 2008 Shuster Award winning online comic “Looking For Group” ( and the comic “Least I Could Do” ( Lar has also been the recipient of the Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement in Canadian Science Fiction (2008, 2006) and numerous other awards for caricature and cartooning. Lar has a lovely wife, two beautiful children and four tolerant cats. The wife and kids are fairly tolerant too.


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