Lossien has been cosplaying since her parents attended Toronto Trek in the late 80’s and dressed her up as a Klingon in the stroller.  She embraced it again in high school, and found that she loved competing in costume competitions.  She quickly rose through the ranks to the level of Master.  When she isn’t working on costumes for herself, she’s working in film and television in the costume department.  She’s had the chance to work on incredible shows like Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 and Corner Gas: The Movie.She loves turning 2D sketches and characters into 3 dimensional outfits.

Red Sonja
– photo by Vera a’ Lossien

Scarlett Witch
– photo by Vera a’ Lossien Special Effects by Chris Kramberger

Dark Phoenix
– photo by Vera a’ Lossien



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