Ad Astra 2018
Guests of Honour

Guests of Honour

Returning Guests of Honour

** All Guest appearances are subject to professional commitments.

Guest of Honour and Past Guest of Honour Hours

Saturday1:00 PMRichmond CDTimothy ZahnGoH - Timothy Zahn
Saturday2:00 PMRichmond CDSylvain NeuvelGoH - Sylvain Neuvel
Saturday3:00 PMRichmond CDRobert J. SawyerReturning GoH - Robert J. Sawyer
Saturday4:00 PMRichmond CDMaria V SnyderGOH - Maria V Snyder
Saturday5:00 PMRichmond AEric ChoiReturning GOH - Eric Choi
Sunday1:00 PMRichmond CDLesley LivingstonReturning GOH - Lesley Livingston
Sunday2:00 PMRichmond CDEd GreenwoodReturning GOH - Ed Greenwood
Sunday3:00 PMRichmond CDJody Lynn NyeGoH - Jody Lynn Nye

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