Ad Astra 2018
Past Guests of Honour

Lesley Livingston

LESLEY LIVINGSTON is an award-winning author of teen and middle-grade fiction, best known for WONDROUS STRANGE, recently named one of CBC’s “100 YA Books That Make You Proud To Be Canadian”. Lesley’s current trilogy is a YA historical epic published by Penguin Razorbill (US) and HarperCollins (CAN) and tells the story of a 17-year-old girl’s journey from fierce Celtic princess to female gladiator and darling of the Roman Empire. The first book, THE VALIANT, was released in 2017 and the sequel, THE DEFIANT, was released in February of this year. She is currently working on the third book, THE TRIUMPHANT, as well as a four-author/ four-book series project (along with Ted Staunton, Kevin Sylvester, and Richard Scrimger) called THE ALMOST EPIC SQUAD, coming soon from Scholastic. Lesley is also co-author, along with Jonathan Llyr, of the WIGGINS WEIRD series.


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