Peter Kenneth

You may recognize Peter Kenneth as The Potter Collector from his YouTube channel and Instagram account. Passionate about collecting, Peter maintains the largest library of Harry Potter books in the world, which includes editions of all 90 translations and languages. His collection holds over 1600 different Harry Potter books. Striving to host family friendly media for all, Peter leads the “community of collectors” with topics that are both educational and fun. Established as both a Harry Potter book and J.K. Rowling signature expert, Peter has published numerous articles to assist collectors in avoiding counterfeit scams. Beyond books, Peter collects Harry Potter artwork from the original illustrators and facilitates, promotes, and participates in all things Harry Potter.

With new Potter Collector Community Members being added daily on YouTube, over 230,000 Harry Potter fans share in the educational information, collecting tips, reviews, and unboxings of Harry Potter books and merchandise. The Potter Collector YouTube channel brings The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios theme parks to those unable to travel and assists travelers with logistics such as tips and tricks, food reviews, shop tours, and ride experiences.

Peter values bringing Harry Potter fans together and creating a positive community for all. As always, his trademark and wish to you is “Keep Collecting.”


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