Ad Astra Information

May 1st – 3rd, 2020

General Policies


Your membership is admission to almost all Ad Astra convention rooms and events. Please wear your badges at all times in an obvious visible place.  Ad Astra volunteers and security will be on the lookout for valid badges as proven entry admission.


At all times, Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult in Ad Astra convention space and Hotel open-access areas. The adult responsible for the child must identify themselves to Ad Astra Convention registration, where Proof of Age or other identification may be required. Refusal or inability to provide identification satisfactory to Ad Astra staff may result in a refusal (or refund) of Ad Astra membership for the 12-and-under children in their care.

The Responsible Adult will be expected to supervise the conduct and ensure the well-being of children in their charge. Failure to comply with Ad Astra and/or Hotel policies, or leaving in-care children unattended (in spaces as described above), may generate a range of Ad Astra responses, up to and including revocation of membership for the in-care children and/or Responsible Adult.


The legal drinking age for Ontario is 19. Anyone under this age caught with an alcoholic beverage or anyone caught getting or giving an alcoholic beverage to an underage person will have their badge removed.


Theft and vandalism are crimes, and perpetrators WILL be prosecuted. Individuals caught will be removed from the convention and will be barred from all future conventions. Please help us keep these problems to an absolute minimum; if you see any problems, report them to AARC or any staff member.


All signage used by Ad Astra is the property of the Ad Astra and/or artists. Removal of signage WILL BE considered as THEFT and dealt with promptly to the fullest extent of the law.

All signage placed Hotel property MUST be secured using MASKING TAPE only. No glues, staples, tacks, pins or other types of unapproved tape.


It is very important for people with food allergies to note that Ad Astra cannot, and does not, accept any responsibility for the “potential allergy contents” of the food or drink served by the Convention.

The various items served at the convention may contain meat, milk, peanuts, corn, zombie brains, or wheat.

While every effort will be made to avoid cross-contamination (e.g.: peanut oil from the peanut butter cookies ending up on the chocolate chip cookies) these things can, and will, happen. It is the sole responsibility of the person with the allergies to decide if a food or drink item is “safe” for their personal allergy condition.

If there is any doubt in your mind, please… DO NOT consume it!


Ad Astra does not have an official lost and found area, however, found items may be given to the Hotel front desk or the Ad Astra INFO DESK.  If you have lost something, check these places first.


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