Ad Astra 2020
Sci-Fi Author Guest

Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood is a Canadian writer and librarian best known as the creator of The Forgotten RealmsĀ® fantasy world. He sold his first fiction at age six, and in the forty-some years since has published more than 200 books, that have sold millions of copies worldwide in over two dozen languages. The most recent of these include the bestselling Sage of Shadowdale trilogy from Wizards of the Coast. With Gabrielle Harbowy, Ed recently co-edited the critically acclaimed anthologies When The Hero Comes Home and When The Villain Comes Home, published by Dragon Moon Press. Ed has won several dozen writing and gaming awards, was elected to the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art & Design Hall of Fame in 2003, and has been a judge for the World Fantasy Awards and the Sunburst Awards, among others. When not writing, he walks the head of the household (a small but imperious cat). His house is literally sagging under the weight of over 80,000 books.


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